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Barry Prizant, PresenceLearning Webinar Presenter

Using data to make better decisions about student behavior is a cultural and environmental shift impacting special educators, administrators, and counselors alike. While we continue to observe and document cases related to behavior problems, there is a heightened need for easier and more reliable ways to determine the effectiveness of behavioral interventions. Now we can clearly define what influences a child's maladaptive behavior and apply the most appropriate methods. During this webinar, we'll explore a range of practical data-driven solutions that will transform your schools into more positive settings for teaching and learning.

 Dr. Joe Ryan

About the Speaker: Dr. Joe Ryan is a consultant, speaker, Professor of Special Education, and the Executive Director of Clemson LIFE (Learning is for Everyone). He is the author of over 50 publications, and editor of Beyond Behavior journal.

Learning Outcomes

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Show how to accurately record specific target behaviors in educational settings.
  • Describe and identify functions of a maladaptive behavior.
  • Apply and demonstrate single case behavior research designs.
Beyond Behavior: Creating a Culture for Data-Driven Behavioral Interventions

Financial Disclosure:
Dr. Joseph Ryan received a consulting fee from PresenceLearning, Inc. for his presentation for this webinar and receives a salary from Clemson University where he is a professor of Special Education.
Dr. Ryan is editor of “Beyond Behavior,” a subscription based publication from the Council for Exceptional Children, for which he receives no financial compensation.

This webinar is offered for 0.15 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)

Time-ordered Agenda (90 minutes) *All times Eastern time

1:00-1:05pm Welcome, context and importance of data-driven behavior management strategies
1:05-1:18pm Learn how to develop specific prosocial and maladaptive target behaviors
1:18-1:35pm Learn to create anecdotal reports and identify potential functions of maladaptive behaviors
1:35-1:50pm Learn seven easy ways to collect observational and quantitative student behavior data
1:50-2:05pm Learn six methods to plot behavioral data using single case designs, and examples of each
2:05-2:25pm Audience questions and answers
2:25-2:30pm Wrap Up: Additional Resources