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You've reached the right page, but online the counseling webinar is over
Thank you for your interest in Extending Your Reach: Online Counseling For Changing Minds. We mistakenly sent out an invitation to this past webinar when we intended to invite you to our newest webinar with Dr. Alan Coulter, titled "Prepare for Impact: 3 Key Questions About Results Driven Accountability For Every SPED Leader". We'd like to invite you to register for this upcoming webinar scheduled for December 2nd. You may also view the replay of Dr. Jordan Wright's counseling webinar  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. 

Register for Dr. Coulter's Webinar on Results Driven Accountability

Watch the replay of Dr. Jordan Wright's Webinar on Online Counseling

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If your students have behavioral goals on their IEPs, check out our whitepaper on the possibilities of online counseling.

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